Guest Instructors :

Kazuyuki Hasegawa, Shihan 8th Dan 
Shihan Kazuyuki Hasegawa enrolled at the So-Honbu in Ikebukuro / Tokyo in 1967. He competed in the 1st All Japan Karate Open Tournament and took 3rd Place. Next year he became the Champion of the 2nd All Japan Karate Open Tournament. At that time he scored an ippon for performing a perfectly timed ashibarai followed by a gedan gyaku tsuki, Shihan Hasegawa’s special technique. Shihan Hasegawa raised several of his students to obtain the same title.Sosai Masutatsu Oyama appointed him as Branch Chief of Tokushima Prefecture in 1971, and a couple years later Sosai also entrusted him Aichi Prefecture. In 1999 Shihan Hasegawa received the Shakai-Bunka-Korosho (Cultural Award of the Community) from the Bunka-Shinkokai (Association of Cultural Development), this was the first time this award was given to a member of the Karate Kai. As Shihan Hasegawa is 8th Dan, he is a Shuseki Shihan of the Kyokushin Union, and at present he is the General Director of the Board. 
Seiji Kanamura, Shihan 8th Dan 
Born 1944 - Tokyo Japan, Shihan Kanamura started Kyokushin Karate under Mas Oyama in 1958. Shihan Kanamura went to the United States in 1971 at the request of Sosai Mas Oyama to teach Kyokushin Karate in the New York area. Prior to that time, Shihan Kanamura was a special student of Mas Oyama and was the head instructor in the honbu (headquarters dojo) in Tokyo, Japan.Shihan Kanamura was the head coach of the USA Kyokushin Karate team for the 1975 and 1979 open karate tournament in Tokyo, Japan. Shihan Kanamura teaches Kyokushin Karate in the New York City area and is also a professor of sport science at Long Island University. He began practicing Kyokushin karate in his native Japan. For many years he studied with the founder of Kyokushinkai, Master Masutatsu Oyama. From 1967 until 1971 he was an Instructor in the Kyokushinkai Headquarters in Tokyo. Today, Prof. Kanamura is among the highest ranking Kyokushinkai practitioners in the world.
Yasuhiro Shichinohe,Shihan 7th Dan 
In 1980, after graduating High School, he went to Tokyo and started training at the Ikebukuro So-Honbu. In 1988 Sosai Masutatsu Oyama gave him the responsibility of becoming the Branch Chief of Okinawa Prefecture.Upto now he has opened 12 dojos at Okinawa Prefecture, and he is planning to continue instructing.He became champion of the 1st All Japan Weight Division Tournament (1984), a result that he repeated in the 2nd, 4th and 6th Weight Division tournament.In the 4th and 5th World Open Karate Tournament he placed both 7th. Now he is  responsible for International Affairs of the Kyokushin Union.
Shigeru Tabata, Shihan 7th Dan 
In 1979 he enrolled at the Tokyo So-Honbu to become Uchi Deshi under Sosai Mas. Oyama. After he completed the 3 years Uchi Deshi life, he became So-Honbu instructor, and took part in the All Japan Open Karate Tournament. In 1984 he took part in the International Pacific Tournament in Hawaii and took 3rd place.In 1985 Sosai appointed him Branch Chief of Yamagata Prefecture. Now he has 27 dojos in Yamagata Prefecture.
Shihan Tabata is a Member of the Board of the All Japan Kyokushin Union and Chief Referee of the Tournament Institute.In 1993 Sosai Masutatsu Oyama graded him Go-dan and in 2002 he became 7th dan of the All Japan Kyokushin Union. There is a very well-known story about Shihan Tabata, when he was Uchi Deshi and accompanying Sosai Oyama on a trip in the country side, Sosai requested him to buy a special brand of bread, which was not available at the place they stayed. So he ran to the next village, and the next... In the end it took him 8 hours of running to find it.